Chevy Cab

Our Story

Welcome to New England Dry Stripping, a subsidiary of M.T.D. Corporation, started by my Pop in 1964. M.T.D. is a CNC machining and design shop specializing in robotic grippers and custom one off parts.

Pop arrived in America from Italy in 1951, once in NY, his uncle got him a job. A few jobs later, he made it to Bridgeport, CT where he met with my grandparents and met my Mom. Not a chance love story as she had already fallen in love from just his photograph. He moved onto a machine shop job, quickly making double the amount of parts per day as all the other workers. So he kept searching, landing a week of training on a lathe, grinding carbide pieces with a diamond wheel. In a short time he was made the foreman and by 1954 he started his own shop. His secret in producing patented parts lies in where to start … study, study, study… proceed to idea, to concept, to pencil drawings, yes pencil, to prototype and he is still at it — 5 years ahead of the rest of us.

1974 was a big year for me – my first resto job on my uncle’s ‘63 Oldsmobile – did the bodywork, the frame, everything — middle of winter, outside in the driveway because it didn’t fit in the garage. 1974, started working after school for my Pop, from the ground up of course. Enamored with the whole American Graffiti scene, here comes 1976 — bought my first motor — came out of a Willy’s Coupe dragster. Had an opportunity to go away to college but didn’t. Next day Pop wakes me up real early, ‘where we going Pop?’ He said, ‘to work!’

By 1980 I made shop foreman and had the first pro-street car anywhere around. First one out on the street with a super charger! I started the East Coast California Car Club where we met at the Canteen for the next 10 years. With only one place in the state that had stripping capabilities along with outrageous prices — of course they could because there was nothing like it around — car guys had no other choice. M.T.D. had been providing this service for the industrial and military industries so it was only natural to expand. 2007 Dry Stripping was added with Plastic Media as our line of material. 2015 NEDS broke ground for our 6,000 sq. ft. facility. By 2018 — should have built 10,000 sq. ft!

NEDS welcomes all types of families, whether its on a Harley, in a Kenworth, running stock car drag or restoring your home, your passion starts here.