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Powder Coating Ceramic Coating

2-Part Epoxy Primer for use over properly prepared metals, provides excellent adhesion for long term corrosion protection.

Rust-Oleum® offers top coat adhesion & appearance, NEDS can prime and paint your antiques
or metal art.

Powder Coating has applications to fit every need. NEDS uses the best brands with many color options, texture or metallic finishes.

Prismatic Powders® in an array of colors, this polyester coating has UV properties for outdoor protection. Approved Prismatic Qualified Applicator.

Cerakote™ Ceramic Coatings provide optimal protection against abrasion, impact and corrosion —
more durable, environmentally safe and economical.

Coatings — Not Just For Cars

Specialized Coatings Offer Style, Function, Value and Reliability