Blasting Services

Plastic Media Blasting (PMB) is a process for the rapid, economic and safe removal of coatings from almost any product without the use of toxic chemical strippers, sandblasting or other abrasion methods.
PMB is harder than the coatings to be removed, yet softer than the substrate. Coatings are stripped without damage to the surface.

This process of dry stripping successfully removes all organic coatings, urethanes, lacquers, primers and fillers from all types of panels and components, leaving the substrate materials clean and in pre-paint condition. The process is successful whether the substrate is steel, aluminum or fiberglass.

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Our prices are based on the size of the component – assembled or disassembled – layers of material
build up and what the base material consists of, whether it is sheet metal, aluminum, fiberglass or composite. Two identical parts might look the same, but the cost could be different. Example: two doors from the same car, one mostly original with two coats of paint, the other with rust and body filler.
Same parts – different cost.


Let Us Assist In The First Step Of Your Restoration!

Parts should be grease and oil free. If not we will provide that service at our current hourly rate.
Please remove all chrome and undercoating as this will save you money.
(We won’t have to charge for the service).

Dry Stripping appointments are preferred for whole cars and bodies. No appointment needed for parts.
We look forward to being an important beginning to your restoration project.