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collage of New England Dry Stripping components and autos with blasting and powder coating

specializes in paint, powder coating and rust removal, with the use of Plastic Media Blasting — the preferred paint and rust removal process for the automotive and aircraft restoration industries. In combination with low air pressure, we quickly and economically return projects to bare metal condition. Customers receive cleanly-stripped, unharmed components ready for the next step of restoration.

Our process successfully removes all organic coatings, urethanes, lacquers, primers and fillers from
all types of panels and components leaving the substrate material clean and in pre-paint condition.
The process is successful whether the substrate is steel, aluminum or even fiberglass, without the use
of chemicals (which can cause eventual corrosion) or abrasive sanding, like sandblasting (a blasphemy
in aviation or auto restorations)!!

Did you know the process is also the first step in many home restoration projects? That’s right!
NEDS can help remove that old finish from wrought-iron furniture, home radiators or yard decorations. Stop spending enormous amounts of time, money and resources to remove old paint and fillers — do you have old baseboard covers with 50 coats of beaten, chipped paint? We can make them look new again!

We also use 2-Part Epoxy Primer – your parts are ready for the next step of restoration, 100’s of colors to choose from. Also available, Powder Coating for optimal protection, durable finish and looks outstanding! Ceramic Coating for those performance parts – a must! All under ONE roof!


Industry Professionals For Over 50 Years!

We’ll Treat Your Project Like It Was Our Own!

New England Dry Stripping Is Committed To EXCELLENCE!
Our staff maintains the highest regard for both quality & customer satisfaction!

The Shop

Our 15,000-square-foot facility houses blasting booths, blasting cabinets and paint capabilities.
We also Powder Coat, Ceramic Coat and offer Burn Off Service via the largest state-of-the-art
oven in the northeast.



We’re car guys! We build, restore & race our own collection of performance automobiles. This gives us a unique perspective to the reservations and concerns involved in an expensive restoration. We respect the nature of those concerns as we share in them ourselves.

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