Automotive Machine Shop 4 Sale

Engine Rebuilding & Automotive Machine Shop to be sold as package  
All photos shown are included in Asking Price $60K   Contact Millo 203-268-7088


1 TCM-25 25 – Seat & Guide w/Power Column Std & Optional Tooling SERIAL#SN 1948/270 Peterson
1 TS – 89 Tool Sharpener
1 RG300/900P Block & Head Grinder  SERIAL#SN 9296  RN 300/900 Peterson(?)
1 Sioux Valve Refacer  SERIAL#SN227  Sioux Model 2075
1 Sioux Cylinder Head Work Center  Sioux Model 1650
1 Sioux Air Valve Seat Grinder Set 1788 Sioux
1 SC2233 Jet Wanser  SERIAL#SN 2538  Peterson SC 2233
1 CF-2 Filter System  SERIAL#SN 24459  Peterson CF2 (?)
1 FG-24M Flywheel Grinder  SERIAL# 1203  FG-24M
1 GPC Parts Cleaner  SERIAL# 24564  Peterson GPC-30

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1 T. Hoff Pressure Test System  T-Hoff Manufacturing
1 Serv Equipment Cylinder Hone  Auto Hone 2300
1 Sunnen Rod Hone Machine  LBB-1810 Power Hone
1 Rod & Cap Grinder   CRG-770
1 Rotler Boring Bar  DA-O or DAO-E
1 Rod & Cap Grinder Bench   GRG-770
1 Sand Blasting Cabinet
1 Pneumatic Parts Wash Tank
1 Sunnen CRH-50K Rod Heater  Sunnen CRH 50
1 Valve Guide Dial Bore Gauge Set   Sunnen P310

EXCELLENT CONDITION.  Asking $60k to be sold as package.

Everything shown in this gallery is included in asking price.

Contact Millo 203-268-7088

Photo of additional piece to come: Pressure Testing Tank

B.J.S. Torque Plates

Plates listed as found labeled in their respective wooden storage boxes. Some have lids.
All plates are in good condition and do not look to be abused.  Ref: [c/i = cast iron]
List includes:    Prices if new
[1] CH-3-R-S [Big Block Chevrolet,
Gen II (Mark IV)]                                    $547.50
[1] PO-1-R [Big Block Pontiac 389-455] $547.50
[1] Chrysler [Big Block, Wedge] c/i         $547.50
[2] FO-1-R [Small Block Ford] c/i            $502.50
[2] CH-1-R [Small Block Chevrolet] c/i    $502.50
[1] MP-NEON-R [Neon] c/i who would do a neon
& why, I don’t know!

Total cost if purchased from BJS,
2019 Price List – $4155.

Note: Accompanying fasteners, bolts, studs, etc. not included
Cam Installation Tool